What We Do

Volant Trading is a market maker, providing liquidity to the financial markets - partnering trading talent and experience with state-of-the-art technology to post two-sided prices in hundreds of thousands of instruments globally.

VOLEX operates in the US listed options market - leveraging our market making infrastructure and smart routing algorithms to provide customers with the best possible execution.

Who We Are

From its inception, Volant has been an equal and collaborative partnership between traders, quantitative strategists, and technologists.  We have recruited and retained some of the best and brightest, recognizing that in our evolving industry, we are only as good as the people on our team.

We are a strict meritocracy with a flat organizational structure, made possible by the small size of our firm and the caliber of our people.  While the bar is high for everyone here, the pathway to unlimited value contribution and compensation is clear and attainable.

Where We Are

Volant operates out of New York, Chicago, London, and Hong Kong and is a member of over 30 exchanges and trading venues worldwide.


2006 – Brian Donnelly and Philip Cardi, former colleagues from Hull Trading and Goldman Sachs, establish Volant Trading in New York City

2007 – Office opens at 99 Wall Street
         – Options trading launched on ISE
         – Stock hedging launched on NASDAQ

2008 – Trading begins on CBOE

2009 – Office relocates to 7 World Trade Center
         – Hong Kong and London offices opened
         – Trading begins on OSE, KRX, SGX, HKFE, and Eurex
         – Equity option and stock hedging expanded to multiple US markets

2010 – Launch of US broker-dealer and market making activities

2011 – FICC options market making launched on CME

2012 – Futures market making launched
         – Trading begins on LIFFE and TSE
         – Floor trading launched on CME (CBOT)

2013 – FX spot trading begins on FXall
         – Trading begins on ICE
         – Chicago office opened
         – Launch of option execution services (VOLEX)
         – Floor trading expanded to CBOE

2014 – Trading begins on HKSE